Comment Bubble: Get Feedback For The Best & Worst Parts Of Your Videos

Many people use YouTube channels to market products, showcase their talents, to make video tutorials and guides about things that interest them. Audience feedback usually comes in the form of a ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ or via rude comments from trolls.

Metta.io: Convert Web Content into Video Tutorials And Presentations

Have you ever created a video presentation or recorded a lesson doing hours of recording and editing of content with the help of multiple applications? There is an easier way! Metta.io is a web app which allows you to instantly convert web content into video lessons and presentations.

Interactive Classroom Lessons with Microsoft Mouse Mischief

Microsoft Mouse Mischief

It’s been known and studied that children learn better when they are able to participate and have interactions with lessons in class. The more activities they are encouraged and attracted to join in, the better they are at absorbing what is being taught. Who wants to sit in a boring classroom anyway? Microsoft has come …

Daily Lesson Planner Template For Word


Regardless of subject or format, all teachers need to have a Lesson Plan. An effective lesson plan provides a guide for teachers to manage the learning environment since many unpredictable events can occur within the classroom. One of the roles of a teacher or instructor is to prepare a lesson plan to ensure a well-organized …

Using PowerPoint for Presentations in the Classroom

Accordingly to Microsoft Corp. there are more than 70 millions of PowerPoint presentations held every new day. Of course a great proportion of these presentations are held in the classroom or for educational purposes. PowerPoint can be used in the classroom to perform great PowerPoint presentations and you can take advantage of recycles presentations to …