Filler Words

The one thing that can ruin your presentation is the use of too many filler words. Some filler words are a part of natural speech for presenters, whereas other are introduced to buy some time to remember details that the presenter might have forgotten during the presentation.

Learn about the do’s and dont’s of using filler words when delivering PowerPoint presentations.

Different Presentation Techniques for Diverse Audiences

The success of new product and reputation of a company depend a lot upon the Presentation. So, it has to have a content that take away the audience’s mind with interesting and valuable information. Giving a Presentation is no easier task as it requires public speaking skills, substantial research, self confidence and organization. Different Presentation …

Some Filler Words to Aviod During a Presentation SlideShow

Most of us are in a habit of using certain words like ah, um, euh, uf etc. in our daily conversation. All these words have been grouped under the category of filler words. These can be further categorized into three trades: Filler Sounds: These include sounds like um, uh, ah, mm etc. Filler Words: Generally …