Learn how to customize PowerPoint presentations and diagrams. Also find out how to customize the Ribbon menu in PowerPoint to hide unwanted options and to enhance your productivity by revealing features that you frequently use.

This section lists posts tied to customization options and tips related to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Customized Hierarchy Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Org chart and other hierarchy diagrams are very useful to represent the business and corporate structure. Usually this kind of charts and diagrams starts with a top node (the owner, CEO, etc.) and then continue with a tree until reaching the lower levels within an organization. Here we will show you how to create a …

Customize the Ribbon in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 let you take complete control about the options and features to be displayed in menu bars and ribbon. By customizing the ribbon you can relocate buttons and features that you use more than others or even show some important features that are not available as default. One of these features are the group …