Customer Satisfaction

Download free Customer Satisfaction PowerPoint templates, forms and slide designs for presentations.

What is Scope Creep and How to Overcome it

scope creep

The scope of a project determines the work required for the project. However, the scope of the project can often go off-track, with additional demands, plans and features creeping into the project over its life-cycle. This scope creep can ruin projects, result in cost overruns and even lead to the failure of the project.

Outlook Customer Manager Makes Customer Management More Convenient

When it comes to customer relations, your organization is only as good as how you treat your last customer. This is why it’s important to build and cultivate meaningful relationships with your customer base. This is why Outlook Customer Manager helps you be on top of your customer management tasks.

Animated Fishbone PowerPoint Template

A Fishbone Diagram, is used for identifying cause and effect relationships. Also called an Ishikawa diagram, you might require using one to identify and determine causes related to a problem. Constructing a Fishbone diagram without a good PowerPoint template can be nothing short of a nightmare. However, what can make your presentation even more attractive …

Desk.Com: Customer Support Platform With Salesforce Integration

Customer support is one of the essential components of any service. Whether you are working in a multinational corporation or are providing a service for a web app, customer support is essential for a flourishing business and satisfied customers. Many a times customers can end up facing minor issues, which if left unanswered for a …

Free Relationship Template for PowerPoint 2013

If you need to prepare slides in PowerPoint to analyze issues by observing cause and effect relationships then you can download the free Relationship Template for PowerPoint 2013 that is available from the official Office website. This simple relationship template contains a single slide with a relationship diagram in PowerPoint that you can use in …

Simple Cause and Effect Diagram Template for PowerPoint

If you need to analyse the causes of a low customer satisfaction or any other business need then you can use this free Causes and Effect diagram template to visually communicate the factors contributing to a particular problem. The free PPT template shows a cause & effect PowerPoint diagram inserted into a PPT slide. The title of …