Animated 3D Cube Diagrams For PowerPoint Presentations

In a previous post we brought you a template with a 3D spinning cube. We also reviewed the animated picture cube template and explained how you can use it for creating your own picture cubes. 3D cubes can be ideally used for making diagrams for professional use. You can explain different processes, concepts and theories using …

How To Create An Animated Picture Cube in PowerPoint

Create Wonder with this Cubism Video Shape on PowerPoint

A memorable presentation is something that brings something new, ingenious, and unexpected to the table. This type of presentation can make your audience wonder, “how did he do that?” and you know you have captured your audience.

Switch PowerPoint Slides in Style With Cube, Box And Rotate Effects

PowerPoint among its various transition effects provides some interesting choices for switching your slides. Some effects are more appropriate for certain types of topics, whereas, others can be used quite suitably in conjunction, to give a stylish effect to your presentations, regardless of the presentation topic. In this post we will explore three stylish transition …

Animated Spinning Cube PowerPoint Template

If you need to make a presentation with a 3D cube with sides of the cube switching between different pictures, then this free PowerPoint template with spinning cube in 3D can be very useful. This is a professionally designed template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later. As usual in this kind of templates provided for …