Color Theory

Create And Search Color Palettes Using Images With Color Hunter

An easy method of creating color palettes is to use attractive images to derive a set of colors. However, doing so manually using a color picker can be quite time consuming. Color Hunter is a website which provides users the option to generate color palettes by searching and uploading images.

Working with Custom Color Palettes in PowerPoint 2010

When designing PowerPoint templates or slides it is recommended to work with color themes and palettes. This will give you the flexibility to edit the overall graphics and colors globally without going over each slide at a time. Here we will show you some examples how you can take advantage of the color themes to match …

Color Models and RGB vs HSL

From a computer graphics perspective , a Color Model is an abstract mathematical model that explains the manner colors can be represented as its components or tuples of numbers. When the model is related with an accurate description of how the constituents are to be understood, the result comes in the form of color space …