Adobe Captivate is a premium tool for authoring e-learning content and presentations. Adobe Captivate can be used for converting PowerPoint presentations to interactive content, with the option to publish your presentations and tutorials online.

See the tips and tutorials for Adobe Captivate given below to understand the usage and utility of this tool for authoring interactive presentations and e-learning videos.

Screen Capture on a PowerPoint inside another Captivate Project

This video (that usually is part of an Adobe eSeminar) will help to answer one of the common questions in Adobe Captivate community. Assuming that now that Presenter doesn’t support embedded Adobe Captivate 5 files (because Presenter hasn’t been updated to AS3) how can I embed Captivate Video Captures, Application Captures, Application Simulations, etc. onto …

Adobe Captivate 5.5

Adobe Captivate is a elearning authoring software used by educational institutions but also for business purposes. This industry-leading elearning authoring software enables users to rapidly create and maintain interactive eLearning content and presentations. One of the most powerful features is that you can import your existing Microsoft PowerPoint content and make it more engaging with …