Strike A Pose PowerPoint Template

Strike A Pose PowerPoint Template is an animated template for making presentations with customizable stick figure images and sample slides that can be used for presenting slides on topics like teamwork, group building, departmental integration and the like.

Create Animated Presentations With Customizable Sample Slides

This template comes with highly customizable graphics and sample slides which can be molded to create presentations with various types of layouts, using clipart, animations, etc.

Strike A Pose Toolkit

Add Your Own Logos, Images And Text Or Use Existing Content

While you can easily change the look of the given sample slides using PowerPoint options like Shape Fill, Shape Effects and Shape Styles (among others); the template itself offers different variations of similar slides with different pre-defined color schemes.

Customizable Clipart

Attractive PowerPoint Slides For Making Professional Looking Presentations

You can add your own text, logos, images, clipart and make use of existing content within slides by copying or moving clipart and images from one slide to another. Either way, you can use this template to create eye-catching presentations within a short time frame, with minimum effort. As these slides are designed by expert professionals, you won’t have to worry about tweaking your layout to make it appear appropriate.

Attractive PowerPoint Layout

All sample slides come with placeholders and a well-matched color scheme to help your content stand out, without confusing your audience with an overpowering background. Furthermore, the slides provide different letter sets to help you fashion slides with a combination of small and large words and phrases; to create animated taglines and introductory slides.

Letter Sets for Presentations

Available in Standard And Widescreen Format

You can download this template in both Standard and Widescreen format; to present it across large monitors using PowerPoint 2013 which provides native widescreen support and even unsupported older versions; which do not offer widescreen support by default.

Widescreen PowerPoint Template With Animations

Strike A Pose PowerPoint Template is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It works with the following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 (Mac)

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