Start PowerPoint presentations with F5 and Shift-F5

Maybe you already know this tip but sometimes we need to quickly start the presentation in the current slide selected in PowerPoint editor. We already knew that F5 is a great shortcut (and maybe one of the most used shortcuts) to run PowerPoint presentations. Today we will learn a simple shortcut but very powerful.

There are many situations where you are playing a PowerPoint presentation but quickly you need to exit it and change to a desktop program for example to run a demo that is outside PowerPoint environment. Or even a worst case scenario where you need to exit your current playing slide (with ESC) and fix a typo.

In this case, you can use Shift F5 to return to your current slide presentation. This will start your presentation in the current selected slide in PowerPoint instead of starting from the beginning. Of course, you can start from the beginning if needed, but then you would need to move forward until finding the right slide. With Shift F5 you can simplify this task and just return back to the slide is currently selected in your editor.

So, remember, next time you need to start the presentation in the current slide.

Alternatively you can also use a button in PowerPoint 2010 to start presentation from the current slide. This button is present under Slide Show ribbon. Here is an example.