Sponsorship Proposal Template and Examples

Sponsorship Proposal Template for Microsoft Word can be useful if you need to find sponsors for your event. There are plenty of articles on how to get a sponsor for an event, however a sponsorship template can make your job easier. This free template can help you to match the right contacts between your organization and your customer’s organization.

You can use the free Sponsorship Proposal Template provided by Pcubed to build stronger relationships between the two companies or find sponsorship for an event. Use this template to determine whether there is a manager in your company who has interests and experience similar to a client contact and who is therefore well-suited to assisting that contact.

If you are preparing a sponsorship presentation in PowerPoint then there are some items that you should consider, for example information about the event, about the organizer, the audience, the benefits for the brand sponsoring the event, the pricing structure, pictures and background information from past events.

Of course you can support the sponsorship proposal letter with a phone call or email to assess interest and to seek an appointment to discuss more about the sponsorship.


The above mentioned template has been removed by Microsoft, here are alternative templates for you to download.

Go to Download Free Sponsorship Templates (Alternative Templates)

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