Lets Create Original Video Slideshow from Images for Presentations

Last updated on May 6th, 2020 is an instant and easy way to create social videos using your favorite photos and music and share it quickly with your friends on all popular social websites.

As seen in Ampercent, this online tool lets create slideshows using your favorite photos.  Presentations in PowerPoint have been changing along the years. Despite that lot of people is still using full paragraphs and lot of texts in the presentations, nowadays it is very common to see slides using full images. You can get the most from photos stored in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and using you can simply create a PowerPoint presentation or a photo slideshow with online and offline pictures.

SlideOnline and Authorstream are two popular websites which allows you to host your PowerPoint presentations online but you can’t use any of these sites to create a photo slideshow from scratch. There are some other online services like Microsoft office web apps, Google Docs Zoho and even Prezi are some advanced resources to create presentations online but none of them lets you create simple photo slideshows as fast and as easily as does.

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