10 Useful Keystrokes and Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in PowerPoint

Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint

When using PowerPoint it is practical to speed up your work by using keystrokes. Here is a list of 10 useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in PowerPoint.

F5 Run the presentation
Shift + F3 Toggles between lowercase, mixedcase and uppercase on the selection
Shift + F9 Toggles the display of Guide Lines
Shift + Enter Enters a line break (Soft break)
Ctrl + A Selects all the objects on the active slide
Ctrl + T Displays the dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Toggle between the Slides and Outlines tabs (Normal view)
Ctrl + Shift + G Group the currently selected objects / shapes
Ctrl + Shift + H Ungroups the currently selected object / shape
Alt + Shift + F4 Closes all the presentations (saving first) and exits PowerPoint

You can be more efficient at work by using keystrokes and PowerPoint shortcuts to design or play your presentations instead of using the mouse and clicks all the time. This will make you save time if you are a hard user of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016. Most of these shortcuts are also available in Office 365 as well.