Search Image by Size in Google Images and Bing

It is well known that an image says a thousand words, and using images in a PowerPoint presentation can help to deliver a message and make effective presentations. When searching for images online, there are many resources to do that. You may try to find relevant images to the presentation topic as well as other assets to use in your presentations such as icons, graphics, cliparts or vectors.

Google Images is a very powerful tool to search for images online.

Make sure you check the image license before using it in your presentation, as images in the result page might be copyright. For this purpose, there is a useful filter under Usage rights that can be used to find only images that are free.

In Google Images, there is a Tools option that will display a new bar with possible filters below the Google products. One of these filters is the Size filter.

By filtering by size, we can search for any image within the filter criteria. This facilitates to search by large, medium or small images. Why bothering about the size? Well, if we are searching for icons, then we can filter by small size, exact size (like icons that are 48x48px) or use the Icon search filter instead. This will bring

The following example shows the results for a social media icon search, filtering by Icon, Clipart styles and Black and White colors.


You can also take full advantage of the Reverse Image Search feature in Google Images. What is a Reverse Image Search? Basically it is a functionality that you can use to search for images based on an image. You upload or reference the source image and then hit the search button and Google will bring some results based on the similarity with the original image. It is great for those who need to find similar images to a given image or find the original source of an image in order to cite it in a PowerPoint slide show or slide notes.

A Reverse Search functionality is also very useful for verifying the source of images or photography, WhatsApp images, screenshots or even memes. For business professionals, a reverse search image functionality can help to research profile pictures with their potential Linkedin profiles, being possible to contact the person in that way.

Alternatively, you can also use Google’s Advance Image Search to perform a search operation of an image.

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