Restaurant Menu Maker Templates For PowerPoint

If you are in the food service or restaurant business, then you know the importance of having an attractive, well-prepared, and effective menu. A menu is one of the most important marketing and sales tools in any food service establishment. Meanwhile, in formal dining events such as weddings or fundraisers, a menu may also be needed for guests to be able to select their meals. 

Restaurant Menu PowerPoint Templates

Whatever the purpose, a good menu is always something that you can use to clearly present what food you have to offer, as well as whet the appetite of your customers or guests. The following templates are Restaurant Menu Maker Templates for PowerPoint that you can use for presenting your menu in another, more interesting way.

menu maker templates for powerpoint

Green Apple Presentation Template

This Green Apple PowerPoint Template can be used for your presentation if you are going to discuss topics on food, fruits, produce, freshness, organic farming, backyard gardening, apple orchards, apple production, and so many more. This PowerPoint Template can also be used to showcase your products.

This template contains a captivating cover or title page where you can type in your title and subtitle. The photos of fresh, juicy green apples will surely catch the attention of your audience. This look is extended in the following slide, which you can duplicate for your presentation. The second slide echoes the message of freshness that is present in the title slide.

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Juicy and Fresh Green Apples for Menus and Presentations

Red Apple Presentation Template

Like the template above, this next template contains red fresh and juicy apples that will definitely attract any audience. Like the first template, this can be used for a wide variety of purposes and is not only confined to food-related topics.

This Red Apple PowerPoint Template contains a title slide with red as the main theme. The succeeding three templates are designed with different layouts. Nevertheless, they can all be used to present your data in text, table, chart, photos or diagrams.

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Captivate Your Audience with This Rich, Juicy Red Apple Presentation Template

Strawberries and Cream Presentation Template

This Strawberries and Cream PowerPoint Template also captivate your audience and even make them crave for what they see in your presentation. This template is clean, with clear layouts to help you present your data and ideas clearly.

This template contains four slides that start with a cover slide. This cover slide contains a large, inviting photo of a bowl of strawberries topped with a hefty dollop of cream. The inside slides maintain this theme and allow you to display text, lists, tables, charts, and more.

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Fresh and Healthy Strawberry Filled Presentation Template

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