Registered Nurse Resume Template For Word

A nurse’s job is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most important and most in-demand jobs all over the globe. The role a registered nurse plays in the medical and healthy care community is one of the most vital because they spend more time in direct contact with patients than doctors and they also help ensure an overall satisfactory patient experience.


So if you’re one who just graduated from nursing college, passed the boards, and are looking to start your career in the healthcare and medical industry, then you need to be able to showcase your knowledge, skills, and personality within your resume. The Registered Nurse Resume Template for Word is a resume template created specifically with the nurse in mind.

Land a Nursing Job in Any Hospital or Clinic

This Registered Nurse Resume Template for Word features preset text and placeholders that allow you to easily fill out your information in the given spaces. It contains preformatted text styles that give variety to the text so that every section of your resume is clear.

This resume template has a header where you can fill in your name, job title, and contact information such as telephone, email address, and complete physical address. Below this header is the Summary, which is a single paragraph that states your accomplishments and skills. You can also state here your objectives for your application.


Below the Summary are the sections for Credentials (board examination and license), Experience (job titles, employers, and duration of each), Education (college degree, school, duration for each educational level, as well as scholarship and honors), Affiliations (memberships in any organizations), and Community Service. This last part details any participation in organizations or non-profit volunteer work, as well as duration.

Use the Placeholders as Guide

In each section, every item is formatted in every paragraph, and the dates and durations are cleanly laid out on the opposite line, so that the information is separated and not so confusing.

While printer-friendly for a standard letter-sized paper and can be extended for 2 to 3 more pages, this template can also be sent to prospective employers electronically via email.


You can also easily update your resume if you’re on a rush in finding a new job opportunity because this template is in Word Online. You can access it through your browser by logging into your Office Online account. You can save it there via OneDrive and retrieve your email anytime you need it.

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