Pushpin PowerPoint Templates

Bulletins hold information that people find interesting such as trivia, notices, surveys, and facts. Bulletin boards are where people converge to find information that may be useful for them. They also serve as venues where people can post ads and other announcements for others to see. So if you want to catch people’s attention with your own information, you can channel the familiar look of the bulletin board to your own presentation.

The Pushpin PowerPoint Templates are based on push pins on corkboards and bulletin boards, which serve as notices, announcements, or reminders for people. These templates are specially designed to catch the attention of your audience and make them interested in what you have to say.

Show Sophistication in Silver with Pushpin Template

The Silver Pushspin PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed presentation template that has a textured, silver background and a white piece of paper above it, which is fastened by a push pin.

Pushpin PowerPoint template

This template not only has an intricate 3D textured background, the paper also has shadow effects that make it look like it is hovering or floating above the background, like a real paper on a bulletin board.

This silver and white color scheme, paired with its clean and sophisticated design is perfect for many types of presentations, whether for business, education or personal use. If you want to use a different color scheme, you can do so by formatting the background of the slides.

To complete your own pushpin presentation, simply click on New Slide and choose from a variety of layout options that will help you easily insert text, lists, tables, charts, images, and more.

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Push Your Idea with This Presentation Template

The Pushpin PowerPoint Template is a more casual template and has a more fun look for presentations. It has a green pushpin with a shadow effect to give it a 3D look. Meanwhile, the light blue background, white border, and handwritten-style font gives it a more whimsical appeal to your presentation.

This template is perfect for less serious presentation topics, although you can still mean business with it. You can use this pushpin template for photo albums, school presentations, mood boards, brainstorming sessions, and many more.

To use this template, simply add new slides. You can choose from an array of slides with different premade layouts so you can create variety in how you present your information while still retaining the same presentation theme.

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