Proforma Invoice Template for Excel 2013

If you need to prepare a simple invoice for your SMB then there are multiple ways to do it, however staying with popular tools like MS Office programs is a good idea, in case you need to share the source with your colleagues for edit purpose. For example, you can share the proforma invoice template in Excel 2013 to prepare a simple but useful proforma invoice for your clients and then edit it simply using Excel 2013.

Proforma Invoice Template for Excel 2013

This free simple proforma invoice template is a spreadsheet template that you can download for Excel 2013 as an editable proforma invoice.

You can easily change the logo in this proforma invoice. Just make sure to select the shape and then click on Format tab and Change Picture. Now you can select the corporate logo.


Also, you can add more details to the order, including product code, the description of items, quantity, price in USD or any other currency and also the carton qty, carton weight, unit and total weight. The free template invoice has space for remarks and ship by date field, you can also enter the ship method used and bill information or ship information.

proforma invoice template in Excel 2013

Definitely, given the nature of the fields used in this proforma invoice, the template can be used by providers or suppliers in advance of providing the goods or service, so this is a proforma invoice oriented for goods and services. This is a free proforma invoice template with editable logo and shipping information.

Download free simple proforma invoice template for Excel 2013.

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