Printable Gift Certificates Template For Word

If you are not yet using gift certificates for your business, you may want to think about it. For years and even until now in our digital age, many business establishments such as shops or restaurants, are still using gift certificates. Not only do they promote the company and increase sales. Gift certificates also encourage loyalty from your customer base, as well as introduce new customers to your brand.

Beautifully and Professionally Designed Gift Certificate for Business

The Printable Gift Certificates Template for Word is a beautiful template that you can use to get started on creating attractive gift certificates for your company. This template is downloadable for free from the Office portal, and is a general use gift certificate which makes it appropriate for many types of marketing strategies and business establishments.

Whether you are a cafe, burger stand, high-end gift shop, hobby store, or designer clothes boutique, you will find this template very useful. The template features three gift certificates in one page so you can easily print as many copies as you like.

Promote Your Business and Encourage Customer Loyalty

This Printable Gift Certificate Template features the Gift Certificate header and the details of the promo. It has adequate space for you to type in using the computer or even fill out by hand the recipient of the gift certificate, the product or service the customer is entitled to, and the date it expires. It also indicates the authorization by the manager or owner and the signature. You can also include your company name, address, phone number and website in the gift certificate to further promote your company.

As a control measure, this gift certificate template also allows you to include a disclaimer or any other additional note on the certificate. There is adequate space for it at the bottom of the certificates, in fine print. There is a sample disclaimer there that gives a maximum value that the customer can redeem or is entitled to.

Choose from the Many Design Options to Customize Your Template

You can further customize this template by incorporating your own theme and color scheme, as well as putting your own company logo.

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