Organic Darkwood PowerPoint Template

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

General purpose templates are handy and reliable go-tos for many kinds of presentations. So if you are looking for your very own personal go-to template, you can use this Organic Darkwood PowerPoint Template.


This Organic Darkwood PowerPoint Template is a free, PowerPoint Online template that you can use for many presentation topics. It features a darkwood grain as a background, which is set off by a white frame that serves as the background of the content right in the middle of the Title slide. This design is perfect for its widescreen format.

Meanwhile, the inside slides share the same theme, which includes coordinating fonts, colors, backgrounds, effects, and accents. All the design elements of the slide show work together to create a highly readable, elegant, and classic-looking general purpose presentation that you can use for many topics.

Create Professional Presentations in a Snap

To start creating your own presentation, simply click the New Slide button on the Home menu in the Ribbon. From here, you can choose from among the many slide layouts that are professionally designed to present your information clearly, concisely, and in an attractive manner.


All the slides have a natural wood grain design with a dark band going across it. This is superimposed by a white rectangle with a 3D shadow effect, making it look like a formal letter or label, tied or pinned on a piece of woodwork.

What is great about this dark wood template is that it contains four variants: natural light wood, dark wood, very light birch wood, and a warmer pin-striped patterned wood. These variants allow you to use the same template but create different looks for whatever your presentation need is, whether for school, work or personal use.

Online PowerPoint Template for Better Collaboration

You can access this template through your Microsoft account using any internet connected mobile device or desktop computer. From here, working with a team is a breeze because you can all collaborate on the template and see updates on the presentation in real time.


Go to Organic Darkwood PowerPoint Template – This template is no longer available in, because they removed it from their content catalog. But you can still download other wood PPT templates for presentations here.

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