Several Sites Where to Download Free NDA Templates

Non disclosure Agreements are a special type of legal document signed by two parties who protect secrets to a contractor, a potential investor, or a prospective business partner. This kind of documents is also widely adopted to be used for confidential  purposes when you need to exchange sensible information with a contractor, business partner, employee, etc.

NDA Templates

There are different kinds of NDA documents, including mutual NDA confidentiality and one-way NDA document.

Reading we can download this mutual NDA template to fill in the blanks which can  be very convenient for any business entrepreneur who need to share sensible data or ideas with contractors.

Mutual NDA template

Other sites where to download NDA templates .doc and .pdf

Get a basic text NDA template from

You can also download NDA documents from other documents sharing services like Scribd or Docstoc. Finding NDA free templates .doc can also be possible thanks to bloggers and freelancers who publish these types of documents online like in your free legal forms or this free confidentiality agreement document from FreePatentForms.

Another free NDA template for Microsoft Word can be found in this same website. We have published a free NDA template that you can download for business relationships or if you need to agree with a 3rd party contractor about the information to be disclosure in the startup or new venture.