Make a Collage using PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free alternative for online photo edition and touching. You can use PicMonkey to apply some nice effects but also to enhance your PowerPoint presentations by embedding a nice collage from pictures. Here we will show you how to make a simple collage from pictures you have in your computer.

First, you need to Open PicMonkey online. Then choose to make a Collage using PicMonkey and upload the photos that you want to embed into the collage.

Collage using PicMonkey

Custom Layout in Collage

You can change the layout and order of pictures in the collage. By dragging the borders this can be changed and you can also rotate each image. However, if you want to select from a preset of layouts, then you need to click on the left icon Layouts and a list of available layouts will appear:


Notice that you can choose from a variety of different layouts including Facebook cover and Biggie Smalls. This can also be helpful to make covers for social networks or why not use the Jigsaw layout to make awesome presentations in PowerPoint with a jigsaw template.

Once you want to save your changes, make sure to click on Save and a new popup will appear.

make a Collage

Here you can choose the output quality (Mel, Ewan or Rusell). Depending on your final needs and the resolution where you will show the presentation, the desired output may be changed. Also, as you can see, the size can also vary depending on the quality that you used to save the output JPG. The collage can also be saved in PNG output, but you should be aware that this format has a bigger size.

Definitely, using PicMonkey you can make awesome collages that can also be used in your online presentations in PowerPoint, to make backgrounds for Twitter or Facebook or just for funny.