LibreOffice templates for presentations

Our site has lot of free PowerPoint templates that you can download for free to speed up and enhance your presentations at work or school. However, sometimes our free PowerPoint templates are not suitable or good enough to fit your presentation needs. LibreOffice is a free alternative to PowerPoint as a free presentation authoring tool and software. The master slides in LibreOffice allow you to customize presentations and reuse then in any future presentation as templates.

You can download free Impress templates from the official website. This helps to make repetitive jobs fast and easy, and to ensure you get a perfect presentation to your documents every time. Using LibreOffice with custom templates for all kinds of needs help to speed up the presentation authoring task.

LibreOffice Template Center

LibreOffice Template Center is the webpage where you can browse or download LibfeOffice templates for your needs. The site is accessible here

libreoffice templates

The templates center for LibreOffice has lot of free templates to be used in Impress as well as other programs in the suite, like Writer, Calc and Math. You can download many templates from the site for free and then import it in your LibreOffice presentation.