Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer for PowerPoint

If you are looking for an effective PowerPoint presenter and laser pointer, then this Kensington presenter with laser pointer can be a good solution. Kensington 33374 is a wireless presenter and remote control for PowerPoint presentations with built in Laser Pointer that lets you remain in control of your presentation from anywhere in the room or auditorium. It is portable and easy-to-use and the wireless presenter frees you from distraction and allows you to focus on what matters most, the presentation.

wireless presenter

The Kensington Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer features 2.4GHz wireless technology that delivers interference-free control of your pointer from up to 60 feet away, and a bright laser beam that ensures easy-to-see pointer visibility.

This presenter has a company design with hidden dongle as an on and off switch. There is also a handly storage inside the palm sized controller for wireless USB receiver. This can prevent the USB connector to get lost. The presenter also has an ergonomic shape with a textured-rubber grip that fits comfortably in your hand for hours on end.

This wireless presenter runs on two AAA batteries with long, reliable usage time, measures 1.75 x 0.75 x 4 inches (WxDxL), and comes with Kensington’s two-year warranty.

The Kensington presenter can be a good alternative to other presenters and remote control like Logitech R400.

Go to Kensington 33374 Amazon product page – starting at $29.90