iPad Air 2: The Best iPad So Far

Apple has always been renowned for creating revolutionary products and polishing its available gadgets year after year. iPad Air is one of its greatest creations and considering its huge success, the company has recently launched its updated version called iPad Air 2.

iPad Air the best iPad so far

Let’s take a look at some of the major features of iPad Air 2:

Light Weight and Thin

This Apple iPad Air 2 has now become so capable, thin and light that you would not want to put it down at all. In contrast to the older iPad Air, this is almost 18% thinner and is just 6.1 mm thin and it weighs just 0.96 pounds. Although it is light weight and thin yet it is enormously powerful! With this gadget, you can do some amazing things at ease.

Better Display Than Previous iPads

Its display is not just thinner but much better too. Redesigning of whole retina display has undergone in order to create this surprisingly thin silhouette. Three display layers in iPad Air are now converted into one layer in this all new iPad Air 2 making it thinner and light weight too. In addition, it now has greater contrast as well as more vivid colors too giving you stunning viewing experience.

Its 9.7 inch display gives the resolution of 2048 x 1536 with 3.1 million pixels and 264 pixels per inch. This latest device comprises of massive power in its most minimal form.

Processing and Battery Time Improvements

It now houses the all new 64 bit desktop class architecture that has forty percent faster CPU and 2.5 times faster graphics. Its battery has now increased to up to ten hours. You now get more time to play, listening songs watch videos and surf web.

Security Features

Apple iPad Air 2 houses breakthrough Touch ID technology that offers exceptional and unmatched security level by setting nature’s most unique password – “Fingerprint”! The device can be locked and unlocked with just a single touch. This security is not just limited to locking and unlocking but even for securing online purchases from App Store, iBooks, iTunes and many more. Apple Play in it is now secured, faster and convenient for online shopping.

Camera and Sensor

This device incorporates exclusive iSight camera which is the best so far. It has an improved sensor and dominant image signal processor designed solely by Apple and advanced optics. The new camera hosts various amazing features such as time lapse videos, timer and burst modes, slo-mo, panorama and many more. At the front, the HD camera has been redesigned with larger pixels and improved sensor that works perfectly at low lighting conditions too.

Last but not the least is the new smart case and smart cover of the all new iPad Air 2. It is now available in seven new bright colors and is much durable.

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