iOS 9 Speed Tweaks And The Promise Of Stability

iOS 7 by Apple was a complete interface and interactivity redesign while iOS 8 came as a complete functional upgrade. This resulted in complaints that Apple was putting innovation ahead of platform stability.

Apple’s iOS 9 will anticipate for this downfall and is being particularly designed to focus more on stability. The recent updates by Apple like iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1.3 and upcoming updates such as the iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, clearly signify that Apple is not waiting for the next version to address issues, but they are already addressing them, along with efforts underway which are likely to bring a better user experience in terms of device speed.

iOS 9

Like other companies, Apple has a system for prioritizing its bugs. The high priority bugs get fixed before the lower priority bugs. This is the reason that you as a consumer will rarely see the high priority bugs and notice a lot many low priority bugs. The bugs can vary from one individual to another because behavior and use varies from one person to another. What you may find as a bug or error, the other person may not. The things that seem to work seldom for one may work flawlessly for others. But, the common thing between all of them is that we all want to get them fixed as soon as possible regardless of their complexity or frequency.

You all may have noticed that iOS 8 smoothed out a lot of rough edges from iOS 7. There is no doubt that iOS 9, apart from focus, will smooth out a lot of rough edges from Apple iOS 8. The team of experts at Apple, whether responding to the functionality and design or featuring into new product plans, spent last two years introducing some of the major changes in their products. Based on the latest releases, it is clear that stability is up front on the agenda. Moreover, iOS 9 is also expected to come with a number of speed tweaks to help Apple users make the most out of their devices.

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