Introductory Speeches: The How To!

Public speaking can induce a feeling of anxiety in almost anyone of us, because there are a lot of apprehensions. If some of us are uncomfortable with the idea of addressing a gathering of strangers, then others might not be able up to cope with the stress. Adding to it, what if you are made to deliver an introductory speech? Actually, you can expect things to become even worse! Wondering why; read further in detail for a complete how-to.

The How To Of A Speech

Primarily, there are two types of introductory speeches:

  1. One, where you are supposed to introduce the honorary guest
  2. Second, when you are asked to introduce yourself

In either of the two situations, one thing is for sure that your introductory speech is no less than a curtain raiser that will set flow for proceedings that follow. However, giving an introductory speech is much more than the praises. It has to sound natural so that the audience does not feel betrayed or lied to.

From writing your speech to presenting it with confidence, the whole idea of introduction requires a lot of effort and analyses. There are parameters that deserve your attention to get equipped with the how-to of introductory speeches, such as:

Introducing Others:

When you have been told to introduce someone, it means that you are trusted to be the best person for this job, so stage fear has no place. Moving ahead, it is urged to ensure the accuracy of statistical data like bios, quotes, milestones and stories about that person. This is because there is no room for mistakes.

Try to grip user attention from the very beginning by stating a string of instances, as told by the friends and family members of the concerned person. Gather as much information as you can, but make sure that there are quotes that hold relevance with the occasion and of course, the role of that person.


When we talk about self-introduction, at no point does it mean that you are supposed to weave a web of your praises. Rather, you are expected to project an image of yours that is least known to your audience or at least they will want to know of. Therefore, create an outline, add a few funny quotes and change the tone if audience seems disinterested.

On the whole, be brief, polish your script and trim it down to take the least possible time so that you do not end up losing your audience.

The above stated tips are going to prove helpful, provided you invest enough time and resources in implementation. So, use your introductory speech as a doorway into audience’s heart and go for a power packed speech.

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