Insert a Dotted Line in PowerPoint 2010

Lines are very useful in presentations and drawings in general. You can use lines as connectors to represent diagrams, connect ideas or explain a specific topic to an audience. In PowerPoint, you can insert lines and these lines can use a different line type.

Dotted lines are often used as a differentiation of the plain line type. If you need to insert a dotted line or dashed line in Microsoft PowerPoint then you need to do the following tasks. In this article we will explain how to insert a dotted line in PowerPoint 2010 but the approach is also compatible with newer versions of PowerPoint like 2013 or 2016.

Insert a dotted line in PowerPoint

Inserting a dash line in PowerPoint

First, insert the simple line shape in PowerPoint slide. Start adding a new shape line. Go to the Insert menu and then click Shape to open the shapes popup. Choose the line and draw it in the slide.

Dotted Line in PowerPoint

If you right click over the line, and click Format Shape, then you can access the shape properties and change the line options.

Dotted Line Microsoft PowerPoint

Go to Line Style and here you can change the line style by opening the Dash type combo.

Available line types in Microsoft PowerPoint

Notice that you can also change different line options: Dash type and Cap type. This will change the dotted line style. For example, for Dash types you can pick:

  • Round dot
  • Square dot
  • Dash
  • Dash dot
  • Long dash
  • Long dash dot
  • Long dash dot dot

For Cap Type you can choose:

  • Square
  • Dot
  • Flat

Here you can see different line types after changing the dash type and cap type.

Dashed line in PowerPoint

As you can see, inserting lines in PowerPoint is easy and if you want to change the line type then you can do the previous tasks to make dotted lines or dashed lines in PowerPoint.


Inserting dashed lines in PowerPoint is straightforward once you know how to change the shape properties. Using this approach you can edit your slides to make visually appealing diagrams, improve your presentations or customize your presentation templates.