iKlip: Clipboard for your iPad 1 or iPad 2

Have you ever thought about using your iPad in a different manner? Yes, you can now take it along with you over the stage. Using iPad in a live environment such as conference halls, meeting rooms, schools, seminar hallsĀ  has now been made easy.

iklip ipad

iKlip is a best universal microphone stand inbuilt with an adapter. Its easily adjustable multi-angle design allows quick positioning of your device in any direction of your convenience. You can purchase iKlip on Amazon for 29.99.

Important Features of iKlip

  • It is easy to install and can be used by any individual having some basic iPad operational knowledge.
  • It can be made compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 using special adapters.
  • Its Universal Stand Clip can be attached with any microphone thereby making it a universal connector.
  • This device can be aligned in both horizontal as well as vertical direction.
  • Sturdy grip is capable of holding your device in a correct position.
  • No external port of your device will be affected with attachment of iKlip case as it comes with special panels through which the user can access all the controls and buttons present over your device.

iKlip clipboard or stand is portable which makes it easy to carry along at different places.

Uses of iKlip

It can be used for viewing scores that are being given by judges during any performance like dance, song etc.

People can easily use this clipboard to view key notes as well as important descriptions that have been included within a live presentation.

It will make your iPad somewhat similar to teleprompter with the main difference in functioning i.e. the presenter can only view his notes but unlike teleprompter device, users can not listen to their presentation.

A special AmpliTube for iPad can be used for practicing a presentation at home and even to play it in-front of live audience.

People, who are thinking of purchasing iKlip for their iPad 1 or iPad 2, can ask for an additional adapter for connection.

Certain apps, such as AmpliTube, iRip etc. allow users to add an amplifier.

Create and share lists or presentation with different members of your team who are delivering a presentation.

Design and Construction

This Light weight and multi-angled iPad microphone stand is designed and manufactured in Italy. Being designed from special light weight dense thermoplastics molded components, these are durable. All these characteristics make this stand very efficient.

Durability and adjustable nature of iKlip act as a cherry on the top of this device which further makes it useful for presenters.

Bring your own Iklip today.

You can purchase
IK Multimedia iKlip Music Stand for iPad 1/2 on Amazon for $ 29.99