How Do You Earn Attention While Presenting

Participation of audience plays a vital role in deciding the level of success achieved by a presentation. Grabbing audience attention is very easy, but keeping it intact throughout the show becomes difficult.

According to a survey conducted during various presentations, it has been observed that level of audience attention is at its peak during the initialization of a presentation, but it goes on drooping with increase in the time ultimately resulting into a one way communication.

Coming section provide certain beneficial tips that would certainly help in changing the above displayed pattern of user attention.

Focus onto the audience’s interest. You need to think beyond bars to make your presentation interesting as well as informative.

For this, you can always add some animations and transitions into your presentation. Make sure that the animation scheme included by you goes well with your presentation topic.

Animation should be useful. Try to add this feature into your drawing, slide text etc. Remember, excess of everything can be destructive therefore, it is advised not to overdo animation into your PPT.

Instructions to add Animation

  1. Click on animation tab
  2. Select style of animation
  3. Set its duration, time delay plus pattern of start which can vary between on-click options or automatic.
  4. Special recorder animation option is also available enabling users to record their animation.

All these ideas will be clearer with the help of figure provided below.

Try adding some variations in the pattern of slides. Both macro as well as micro changes can be added into slides.

Macro variation includes slide change or the change of presenter amidst your speech. Audience welcome changes with open hands. Moreover this will even help the person delivering presentation to maintain listener’s level of interest. On the other hand, micro changes include usage of certain gestures and postures on the part of deliverer.

Splurge a moment of utter silence before the commencement of an important part of your speech. This will increase participants’ level of indulgence into your presentation. Regular change in voice pitch or making a deliberate change in tone can impart better results.

People love stories. Telling short chronicle related with your topic shall reinforce audience interest once again.

Rule of thumb for delivering an effective presentation, capable of imparting a long lasting impact onto your listeners is to keep your words crisp and short, but easy and up-to-mark.

All the above mentioned tips will act as attention reset buttons for your presentation, ultimately changing the pattern of audience focus graph as depicted in the following figure.

Finally, it is advised to use the points effectively so that they help in earning attention of people rather than making your job even tougher by imparting a flop show.

What are you waiting for now!!! If you are really intended to present a successful presentation, try out the tricks presented above.