How to Talk to Big Audiences with PowerPoint

When you are using a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting, you can’t just use a Presentation to explain the concepts and situations you’re going to explain. If you don’t talk to people, your Presentation will fail and the audience will get bored.

We recommend you some things to avoid that kind of embarrassing situations. If you are interested to learn how to make laugh your audience, then you can also consider to read the advice of Brad Montgomery in the article how to improve presentations by Brad Montgomery or check this exclusive interview.

Clear and powerful voice in PowerPoint presentations

Use a clear and powerful voice to make sure that everyone in the room is paying attention to you.  Make tone variations, or ask the audience some questions to see if they’re concerned about what you’re talking about.

How to talk to big audiences by using PowerPoint

Little phrases and paragraphs

Don’t just read what appears on the screen: Use little phrases and paragraphs, and explain it with your own words. Also use schemes and words in bold and italics.

Move through the stage

Move through the stage, express yourself by giving your hands a free and relaxed movement.

Don’t look down

Look at the people: They’re listening to you, and you should talk directly to them. That will attract their attention.

And last but not least, try to keep a good overall image. Try to look cheerful, happy and kind to people, study what you’re going to say and do it with the right words.

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