How to Plan a Good Christmas Speech

No matter if you are at home or at workplace Christmas is being celebrated everywhere and as part of workplace celebration Christmas speeches are usually expected. Undoubtedly, few of the families having formal celebration for Christmas also enjoy speeches.

How to Plan a Good Christmas Speech

These speeches should not be confused with lengthy lectures, however, if kept concise and clear can be proved as gift to the listeners. Want to know how? Have a look:

Plan a good Christmas speech by following these steps one by one, and your efforts will be admired.

1. Who is your speech for?

  • Look who is your audience, is it your family, friends or colleague?
  • What they want to hear from you?
  • If audience is your work colleagues, share the stories of triumph and challenges.
  • Look, if the occasion need humor or solemn?

Knowing your audience will help you to craft your speech accordingly and effectively.

2. Know the purpose of speech.

Is it to inspire people or is it to unite people? It may thank giving as well. So, whatever is the occasion keep it in mind and choose the theme and content of your speech accordingly.

3. Keep the venue of delivering speech in mind.

Venue has a great influence on the way of delivering speech. For instance, in family get together you does not need a microphone and a stage to deliver speech, however all these things will be required if you are presenting a hall or auditorium.

4. Select appropriate theme for your audience.

For every speech theme is must as it unites your speech. Select only one theme to keep your speech interesting and simple. And if you are giving speech in family try to make it quite interesting by adding few quotes or jokes, so that kids or children could also enjoy your speech. Try to include one or two paragraphs which implies your Christmas speech is for kids.

5. Organize body of your speech.

To organize the body of your speech make three points and begin with the most important one and finish every point smoothly to make easy transitions from one point to another. For clear illustration using examples is a good option. After using all these things your speech will appear somewhat like this:

  • Point one: Central idea- Example- transition
  • Point two: Idea- Example- Transition
  • Point three: Idea- Example- Transition
  • Conclusion

6. Conclude your speech.

Conclude your speech with good and positive words and with a sense of gratitude. And if required, you can add few jokes as well but remember don’t add abundant of jokes unless you are delivering funny Christmas speech.

Few of the Christmas Quotations:

“Christmas Day is a day of joy and charity. May God make you very rich in both.”

Phillips Brooks

“There has been only one Christmas — the rest are anniversaries.”

W. J. Cameron

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.”

Bernard Manning

So, this was all about Christmas speeches, implement these tips and get ready to leave an impression on people of being a best speaker. You can also check other speeches related articles for presentations and public speaking.

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