How to Make an Effective Mediation Presentation

Mediator acts as a conflict resolver whose main aim is to resolve various conflicts between people. Mediation technique helps individuals in overcoming their tension and anxiety related with a dispute that needs to be settled outside the court-room without the involvement of litigation.

This procedure consumes less time and is being increasingly adopted by numerous commercial firms, labor disputes, medical malpractice cases and many other such disputes which consume excess of time and money.

mediation background powerpoint template

Main aim of a mediator is to provide a forum wherein companies can come to settle down the issues and problems with the involvement of a third party capable of taking neutral decisions.

Mediator should be very polite so as to come up to a resolution. For this, he or she needs to set his tone according to the current atmosphere so that the person can effectively settle a dispute.

A strong need was felt to promote this area; as a result people took support of PowerPoint software.

Here are certain guidelines that will assist you in making an effective mediation presentation.

Spread the message

If you desire to spread your message amongst larger part of audience, then it needs to be visually appealing. In order to add a visual appeal factor, you can insert special effects, background styles, etc into your presentation.

Steps to add special effects into your Mediation Presentation

  1. Go to menu bar and click on design option.
  2. Add a suitable color scheme, font style and theme effect.
  3. Insert a suitable background design to make your slides look more visually alluring.

Impactful and memorable

Further, you can insert sound effects and short stories in the form of visual clips so as to make your presentation more impactful and memorable. This can be done by following the steps provided below.

  1. Go to menu bar and click onto the insert option.
  2. Click on sound to option, an insert popup will show on the screen.
  3. Select a location for your file and insert it into your PPT.
  4. Once the file is selected, add it to your slides.

Zingers with Pictures and Quotations

You can also develop a list of zingers including pictures, quotations, statics and concepts that are capable of attracting quick attention of listeners from both the parties. Moreover, you need to make sure that your presentation is highly interactive and it involves active participation of involved parties.

At the end, selecting right combination of voice pitch as well as technique for your presentation is very important.

Further there are some restrictions that need to be considered while playing a role of an active mediator.

Seeking attention of both the participating firms is the main objective of a mediator that needs to be fulfilled in order to reach a proper conclusion. Adequate hold on tone and temperament is also a must.