How to Insert Clipart Audio in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010 you can insert a sound file or music loop easily. First you need to go to the slide where you want the music file to be inserted and then click on Audio -> Audio from file.

Once you insert the audio in the slide, you can control the playback options under Audio Tools menu. This can be really helpful to configure the way this audio will be played in the presentation. For example, you may be interested to play the audio automatically once you open the presentation or configure the playback options to add a background sound across multiple slides.

How to Insert Audio File in PowerPoint 2010

Go to Insert -> Audio -> Audio from File…

Then, select the small volume icon and now open Audio Tools menu -> Playback.

Here you can configure the start options for the audio, as well as other options like the volume, loop control or fade duration.