How To Give An Effective Closing Note in A Presentation

Most of us know how monotonous presentations can be! Even if you start really well, probably with a bang, your train of thoughts is bound to lose steam as it approaches its last stop. It’s quite easy to spice up your presentation using PowerPoint Templates but how do you keep it that way till the very end?

Keeping your audience gripped to the very edge of the seat till the end of your presentation does require some amount of talent. But nothing that can’t be mastered with a little bit of effort! There are numerous ways to give an effective closing note in a presentation. Some people like using humor to end their speech or some prefer the tried and tested ‘thank you’ method but there are many other ways too!

Closing Note In A Presentation

So here’s how you can give an effective closing note in a presentation

  • Summary: Ah, the age old method! Probably shows that you might be a bit averse to risk, preferring to play it safe by taking the ‘summary’ road. Nonetheless it’s a good strategy to follow, letting your audience know exactly what you meant in a brief and concise manner. It definitely still remains a great choice for ending your presentation or your speech with a bang!
  • Humor: One of the most effective ways to end your presentation or speech is by using humor. Humor is a tool which can be used to get great results and can, in some ways, bind your audience and gather all their attention. And this is what you obviously want, people listening to what you have to say and not snoozing off in the middle! So add a bit of humor, like a joke or something and see how much people would appreciate your presentation!
  • Rhetoric: Using rhetoric is another great way to end your speech! You can add a powerful impact by asking your audience a rhetorical question right at the end of your speech. Plus it adds the benefit of leaving your audience with that question still lingering in their minds, which obviously adds the impact needed.
  • Personal: Yup! You read that right! Make your closing note personal by adding some of your own experiences. Your audience is guaranteed to love it and it helps make a deeper connection with them on a personal level. So add some personal stories or experiences relating to the topic of your presentation and see the magic.

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