How to Break the Presentation Barriers

According to a recent survey, it has been established that many presenters fail to achieve a desired output due to certain presentation barriers.

Presentation Barriers

But what exactly these barriers are? Presentation barriers may emerge as a difficult obstruction in your path while delivering a PowerPoint presentation. Listing a few causes of a “Futile Presentation”.

Presenters are Nervous

Nervousness is an important factor hampering people from giving their best shot. This can be combined with stage freight. Sometimes, people forget their points because of being highly anxious which may further add-up to their troubles.

Non Familiar Audience

As we all know that audience plays an important role in deciding the success achieved by a presentation, but at times, there is a situation where presenter is not aware about the audience, their level of knowledge or interest which making him even more anxious.

Lack of Confidence

Incomplete preparation can be one of the major reason for unsuccessful PowerPoint presentation. This may result in a demolished self confidence leading to ruining of presentation.

Inappropriate Preparation

At times, presenter is not prepared with his topic due to certain reasons. In such situation, he or she is not able to deliver an effective presentation due to lack of knowledge leading to an ineffective presentation.

Using PowerPoint as a crutch

PowerPoint is an efficient tool which enables presenters to put forward their thoughts and ideas in-front of a live audience. This can sometimes turn out as a crutch if not used proficiently. Usually, people are in a habit of putting in excessive information on a slide. This can distract your audience instead of proving to be beneficial.

Distracting Gestures

Gestures play a vital role in deciding success of a presentation. Generally, people throw certain anxiety gestures which can distract their audience acting as a barrier to presentation.

Now, as you are aware about certain presentation barriers, here are some tips that will help in overcoming these barriers. Start confidently! You can always begin a presentation with a brief introduction about yourself. By this, you can get some time to acclimatize yourself in a new environment.

Don’t allow nervousness to overpower your objective. Remember, audience is conscious. You can simply add some humor into your presentation.

Most of the times, audience is supportive. You can start with a small activity involving listeners. This will enable you to get a brief idea about members of audience.

Prepare well before delivering a presentation. Do not cram the topic, rather try to understand it so that you can add your own words if in case you forget some points.

Think as a listener. Focus on objective, time frame, number of participants plus their expectations and needs. Add some extra energy and inflection into your gestures to attract participants attention. This will automatically help you in maintaining their focus on the topic of your presentation.

Following the above mentioned points will definitely help you in breaking some common presentation barriers and also help in delivering a smooth and flawless presentation.