How To Add Math Expressions And Equations in PowerPoint 2013

Adding complicated equations in PowerPoint is easier than you might think. While some presenters may opt for static images or layouts which may seem less than perfect to present equations, however, that may also end up ruining the presentation. In this post we will show you how to add math expressions and equations in PowerPoint 2013.

1. Insert a Preformatted Equation in PowerPoint

One of the easiest methods of adding equations to PowerPoint slides is to insert them directly via ‘Equation’. Simply go to the Insert tab, click Symbols, followed by Equation and pick a preformatted equation.

Preformatted Equations in PowerPoint

2. Add a New Equation in PowerPoint

Step 1: In case the preformatted equations aren’t what you are looking for, you can create a new equation via Insert-> Symbols –> Equation -> Insert New Equation.

Add a New Equation in PowerPoint

Step 2: This will allow you to type in an equation which will be formatted appropriately once you are done.

Type Equation in PowerPoint

Step 3: PowerPoint will try to determine the typed text and its relevant format. For example, if you type in ‘a = 2b/2c’ it will be displayed like a properly formatted mathematical equation by displaying the 2b over the 2c (as shown below). This makes the equation easier to comprehend by the audience.

Add Math Equations in PowerPoint Slides

3. Use Symbols and Structures to Create Math Equations in PowerPoint

Another method for creating mathematical equations in PowerPoint is to use Symbols and Structures via the Design section.

Symbols And Structures in PowerPoint

Symbols: You can directly insert symbols from this section. This includes many symbols which may not be available on your keyboard. In this section you can switch between Basic Math, Greek Letters, Letter-Like Symbols, Operators, Arrows, Negated Relations, Scripts and Geometry (symbols).

Symbols in PowerPoint

Structures: The Structures section provides a gallery of structures which can be used for creating equations using stacked symbols. From Structures you can insert Fractions, Scripts, Radical, Large Operators, Brackets, etc. This leaves ample scope for creating your own equations for PowerPoint presentations.

Structures in PowerPoint

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