Hojoki Provides Centralized Management Of Your Online Accounts

Cloud computing has allowed people to go beyond conventional computing methods to create and edit projects online and to collaborate with other users. While a lot of cloud based services are providing new and innovative web applications, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a mechanism to centrally manage numerous online accounts. Hojoki is a web service that allows users to connect various online accounts from famous cloud services to manage them in a centralized way. For example, you can connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to manage your PowerPoint files from anywhere via the internet.

In case you are wondering what the word “Hojoki” means, it is the name of a Japanese book from the 13th century about the flow of events and life. It appears that this books was also the inspiration of the developers who made Hojoki.

You can use Hojoki either as a web service or install the iOS or Android app to run it on your mobile device more conveniently. To get started, you can sign up for a new account or (as is the case with most web services) login with a Facebook or Google account. In case you login with e.g. your Google account, you will have to keep a password later on and some of your account details will be automatically detected such as your first and last name. Once logged in, you will be prompted to select your theme.

After you have selected you theme, you will have to login and connect your cloud accounts for centralized management. You can connect your accounts from the following web services; Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Reader, Twitter, Mendeley, Box, Basecamp, Beanstalk, Chatter, CloudApp, Delicious, GitHub, Yammer, Zendesk and others.

After you have connected your apps, you can view your online accounts and access required items instantly by clicking on them. For example, if you click on a Google Docs document name, it will be instantly opened in a new tab.

You can even invite other users to collaborate with them online and change color labels for workspaces. To keep a password for your account or to edit notification and collaboration settings, head over to the Settings section.

As Hojoki is a web service , you can access it with any device that is connected to the internet or download an applications for your Android, iPhone or iPad device.

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