Hispanic Heritage PowerPoint Template

As it has always been said, it pays to acknowledge and go back to your roots. After all, you owe a lot to where you came from. So it is always a great idea to pay homage to your heritage and to continue to keep it alive by commemorating it in many ways.

Pay Homage to Your Rich Heritage

The Hispanic Heritage Month is organized by many Hispanic communities, especially in schools, to celebrate the diversity of people and students. To help you get started in commemorating your own Hispanic Heritage, you can use this Hispanic Heritage PowerPoint Template that is specially designed for this remarkable occasion.


This presentation template is free to use and is perfect for office, school, organization, or personal use. It is particularly tailored for school presentations during the Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated annually.

This template features a title slide and 10 more inside slides. The title slide contains the Title and, underneath, space for your name, teacher’s name, school, and your grade.


Celebrate What Makes You Different

The title page contains a set of images of various people of various ages, representing Hispanic heritage. These are set on a subtle gray gradient backgrounds that set off against the images and the maroon and black text.

The inside slidesĀ are specially designed and customized. Each slide contains a set of grayscale images on top as a header, with theĀ slide title and details.

There are slides for Introduction, Overview, History, Interesting Facts, Notable Leaders, Arts and Literature Contributions, etc. Depending on your own presentation and content needs, you can also add more slides and customize them to get the layout that you want.


You can go to New Slide in the Slide menu to choose from a wide array of premade slide layouts. You can also go to the Design menu to choose a theme that best suits you.

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