Highlight PowerPoint Slides With Animations With Highlighter Template

Last updated on June 27th, 2023

If you want to highlight your slides in PowerPoint, there are a number of tools like PowerPoint Labs and MagPointer which allow annotating text in PowerPoint. However, you can also create animated slides where your content can be highlighted automatically upon mouse-click. The Animated Highlighter PowerPoint Template automatically highlights parts of your slides when you present them before your audience.

Animated highlighter PowerPoint template

Easily Editable Slides which Highlight on Mouse-Click

The slides have been designed in a way where you can add your text and images by replacing the sample content. There are helpful tooltips which give guidelines regarding how you can edit the placeholders for highlighting your text in PowerPoint. Even without the tooltips the slides can be easily edited, since each layout is quite self-explanatory. Simply replace the sample text with your own and preview it in Slide Show mode.

Highlight text in your slides automatically

Change Color of Highlighted Text in PowerPoint

You can change the look of slide objects quite conveniently. For example, you can change the color of the marker and highlighted text from within PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can resize and reorganize sample objects as per your requirements.

Recolor slides as you need to

Generic Layouts for Easy Adjustment

The generic layouts ensure that you can easily manipulate the sample slides or your specific presentation topic by adjusting them according to need. There are interesting sample layouts which present a plethora of possibilities for you as a presenter to explore. You can make use of these sample slides in a number of ways and mix them with your own text and images to create new slides where your content is highlighted automatically as you present your slides.

Creative slide designs ith marker layouts

Highlighter & Annotation Clipart

The template also gives interesting clipart for you to fashion your slides. This includes a set of highlighters and doodles which look like shapes created using a highlighter.

Marker clipart

You can also recolor these clipart images to reflect your organization’s color scheme or to match your presentation colors. You can also copy-paste objects from this template, including the sample clipart, for use in another presentation which you might have created separately.

Highlighter doodle clipart

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