HDInsight: Microsoft’s Big Data Solution For Your Enterprise

In recent years information has not been in short supply but rather the overflow of information has caused a number of issues. One such problem is Big Data. This term refers to dataesets that become too large to manage and it becomes difficult to work with them using conventional database  management tools. For example, it becomes quite difficult to save, search and analyze the available data which makes it nearly impossible to visualize the available content in the form of something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or graph. An answer to this dilemma is Microsoft’s Big Data solution known as HDInsight, which can help you easily organize the Big Data of your enterprise.

Microsoft Big Data Solution

What is HDInsight?

HDInsight is a Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop Platform for managing Big Data. It is available for both Windows Server and Windows Azure.  Microsoft’s Big Data solution is meant to help end users to gain business insight from a large chunk of data so that it becomes easier to utilize it. HDInsight can also be used for acquiring important statistics and to effectively process both structured and unstructured parts of the available data.

Big Data  Microsoft SQL Server

Manage Large Chunks Of Structured And Unstructured Data

In order to fully benefit from Big Data you need a platform that can process both structured and unstructured parts of your datasets. This is where HDInsight is useful. using HDInsight on Windows Server or as a service for  Windows Azure you can easily manage your database. Furthermore, you can enrich your data combine the information with other third-party datasets. This way, you can connect with  external data sources to add more value and new insights from all types of information that is available, including structured, unstructured, archived or even discarded parts of your data.

Microsoft Big Data Solution HDInsight

To find out more about HDInsight and how it can fulfill your Big Data requirements, see the link given below.

Go to Download HDInsight Server (or Sign up For HDInsight Service)

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