Funny Ways to Start a Speech

Speeches and presentations are being considered as the best way of conveying your message to public, but do you really think, the way you give presentation is effective enough to deliver your message completely?

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Several times while giving presentations you must have observed the response of your audience, often lukewarm, but have you ever tried to discover reason behind this? Or have you ever tried to add something creative or innovative to your speech to make it livelier. Perhaps, you have tried various ways for improve the quality of your speech, but again that question is, were those efforts proved fruitful? Chances are ample of facing disappointment.

Do you know, what is missing in your speech? Humor, yes until you don’t add a chunk of fun and people don’t enjoy hearing you, you can’t win the heart of your audience. Now, you may be thinking, what can be done to make it possible, don’t worry, here we are discussing some funny ways to start a speech:

1. Observational Humor:

Adding observational Humor is quite effective because it is related to audience and their immediate reactions. Calling it as an art will not be injustice, but if you practice for two or three times of creating spontaneous humor you will find it quite easy. Here, you need to be observant. Usually, people see things but you need to observe things keenly.

2. Humor in speaker introduction speech:

Before you take microphone, your introductory speech must have some humor which set up a laugh for your audience. For instance, the person, introducing you on the stage uses some flattering quotes to invite you or crack some joke that suits your personality.

3. Funny slide show in the beginning:

If you don’t have jokes to start a speech, creating funny slides is a great idea.  To create opening humor in Consumer Electronics Show, Bill Gates used this technique.

4. Avoid Canned Jokes:

Being an opener of speech using Canned Jokes are NOT suggested. You need to create something original and your own. Any chance you use a canned joke, make it appropriate as per your speech or presentation.

5. Cartoons:

Again, try to create something original. You can create cartoon by your own or you may take help of an artist or comic writer. Because chances are ample, cartoon you present in your presentation might be common for the audience and can cast negative effect. Thus, it is advisable to avoid borrowing of such activities.

5. Funny Stories:

If you are looking for perfect way to deliver laugh, story telling is recommended. Or you can also use funny quotes, depends upon time and situation. Here is just a simple funny speech sample quote:

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.
Dr Laurence J Peter quotes

So, if you want warm response from audience side, you have to wake them by your talk with humor. You can find many funny speeches samples in this blog to get as inspiration. If you are looking for ways how to start a speech then making jokes or preparing a funny speech can be a good starting point, however if your audience do not laugh or doesn’t sound funny for many of them, then you have a big risk, so make sure to use funny speeches only at good times.

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