8+ Free Photoshop Abstract Backgrounds (useful for PowerPoint Presentations)

If you are a professional PowerPoint designer sometimes you may require to find new inspirational ideas and backgrounds that you can use for your presentations. Here you can find links to resources where to download free abstract backgrounds for Photoshop that can also be used as background for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations once you convert it to a JPG or PNG format. Free Abstract Backgrounds that you can use for PowerPoint Presentations.

1. Paper Textures PSD useful for PowerPoint

Background paper with texture for PowerPoint

Awesome collection of paper textures in different colors that you can download to make PowerPoint presentations with a paper background.

2. Free Retro PowerPoint Backgrounds

Free retro styles for PowerPoint backgrounds that you can download in different colors and styles.

3. Curves Backgrounds for wavy PowerPoint presentations

Impressive collection of backgrounds with color curves and styles.

4. Color Backgrounds for PowerPoint

Color background with texture for PowerPoint

Collection of free abstract backgrounds with different color in the header and white background for the presentation body.

5. Green Grass PSD Backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations

Green abstract background in PSD format with grass and white background tones, or you can download free grass PPT Templates that are ready to be used.

6. Textile Backgrounds for PowerPoint

Texture Textile background for PowerPoint presentations

Lot of different textile backgrounds and textures that you can download and use in any textile presentation in PowerPoint.

7. 30 Photoshop Gradients for Backgrounds

Gradients PSD template for PowerPoint

A collection of 30 different gradients styles that you can download for Adobe Photoshop and use as free abstract backgrounds for your presentations.

8. Blur PSD Background for Microsoft PowerPoint

Blur PSD background design

This is a free blue background that you can download in PSD format and use for PowerPoint presentations.