Premium & Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds for Medical & Healthcare

Doctors and physicians often need to prepare PowerPoint presentations for their seminars and hospital presentations. Preparing a medical PowerPoint presentation is not the same as preparing any other presentation including business slides. Healthcare professionals often aren’t practiced at slide presentations and if you had a medical presentation in the past likely you’d have seen lot of text and paragraphs in the slides, when experts recommend that less is more. Presentation skills can be gained in every new field so medical and healthcare professionals can learn from presentation experts to improve their presentation skills and make better presentations.

medical presentations

Even if you have attended and presented PowerPoint presentations in hospitals, the following PowerPoint backgrounds and tips can be useful to make awesome medical presentations and PowerPoints for doctors.

Tailoring a Medical PowerPoint Presentation

First, you need to tailor your presentation for someone who is falling asleep and is not interested. Every time you need to add a new slide to your presentation, imagine that someone who is not interested about your presentation is in front of the auditorium looking you. It has to be simple, visually accessible and clearly explained. People will pay more attention to relevance, so if you are addressing a group of surgeons, explain how your project is clinically applicable, try to explain the point. If you are addressing basic scientists, tie your topic back to mainstream growth factors, or pathological practices that they might work with.

Another good tip for presenters is that you should look at the audience and not at the screen. You will be tempted to read the slides but sometimes this can be frustrating for the audience, especially if they got handouts and can read by themselves. Excessive explanation can get boring so you can try to apply the less is more rule. Keep it simple and make it seem more complicated. Inadequate explanation can be cleared up in question time.

While designing your template or presentation, make sure that you use safe fonts, especially if you are in Mac. Later if you copy your PPT from Mac to Windows and didn’t use safe fonts, then your presentation may look different.

The following templates may be useful to avoid recognizable PowerPoint themes (standard PPT templates). You can say more with unique and relevant themes, especially if you are preparing presentations for the health industry, but sometimes simple themes for PowerPoint are the best.

Free Medical PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

The following templates can be used as free PPT templates for medical presentations.

Medical Help PowerPoint 2007 template

medical ppt templates

You can free download this template for patient records and other medical history PPT template slide designs. Physician PPT templates are also good medical PPT backgrounds for presentations that you can use in seminars and other events.

Other free Healthy PowerPoint Templates can be found for other applications in healthcare industry, for example labs and research and development.

dna medical PowerPoint templates

This simple PPT template slide design with DNA strain is a free genome and genetic PowerPoint template that you can download for presentations on Genome and Molecule Structure.

Other free PPT templates for medical and healthcare can be found in this website for free, for example to be used as Musclebone PowerPoint Template, Medical EKG PowerPoint Template, Drugs PowerPoint Template, Microscope Magnification, Stethoscope, Female Physician, Medical Staff, Heart PowerPoint Template, Backbone PowerPoint templates.

Premium PowerPoint Templates for Healthcare Industry

Alternatively if you need to make professional looking presentations you may consider to purchase healthcare PPT template slides from premium websites. For example, PresenterMedia offers a lot of premium PowerPoint templates and slide designs for healthcare industry.

heartrate powerpoint template

This heart cardiology PowerPoint template is a free animated medical template for presentations with a heart rate image in the background. Once you play the slide show, a nice animated cardiology line will appear in the master slide. You can also customize this presentation template for your own medical needs.

dna helix PPT template

This is another premium PPT template for medical presentations and genome slide designs. This template has a blue background with DNA strand design. It is another animated PowerPoint template for medical presentations. In this case we can see the template also have useful cliparts that we can use for medical presentations and DNA presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, like the 3D DNA strain designs.

presenter media cliparts