Free PowerPoint Shapes

PowerPoint 2010 comes with a great collection of shapes that you can use freely in any slide. However, if you are looking for additional shapes and graphics for your presentations, you can download free Shapes in 3D and 2D. Free PowerPoint Shapes available in Microsoft Office website contains a collection of 3D shapes ready to use in your presentations.

In order to access this collection you need to download the .potx file from Free 3-D shapes and objects template for PowerPoint 2007

free ppt shapes

Once you download the shapes PPT template you can access different 3D shapes and graphics. Just browse the slides and you can find 3D shapes to create memorable and attractive PowerPoint presentations with the professionally-designed slides in this free template. Use the shape, animation, and graphic effects in these slides to add 3D background designs, rounded buttons, eye-catching visual aids, books with moving pages, and even an animated scale to your presentation.

Slides in the 3-D shapes and objects template comes with floating, transparent 3-D rectangles, wire outline triangles, wire outline rectangles and angles, text wrapped around a cylinder, glowing 3-D buttons, transparent 3-D pyramid, outline with three-color gradient and arrows, rows of monitors fading into the background.

You can also find 3d tiles with texture and 3d rings in the PowerPoint. There are also stacked blocks with text that are useful to make 3D diagrams in PowerPoint and create custom animations with effects like floating bubbles.

Additionally there are brushed aluminum shape with gradient spheres and compass with highlights.

compass highlights

The collection also has a clip art with shape effects, custom animation effects: motion path and grow/shrink. Custom animation effects: motion paths with auto-reverse, varying speeds. Graphic shapes in 3-D perspective, clear disk with floating text 3-D steps with labels.

steps level 3d

3-D block with texture and engraved text
3-D hexagon with 3-D text

3d hexagon

The free PowerPoint template can also be used as an animation template example, for example it includes an open book with flip animation in PowerPoint or page turn animation in PowerPoint.

page turn effect powerpoint

And finally the tipping scale PPT shapes that is great for justice PPT presentations.