Free Photography Camera PowerPoint Template

While many people now use their mobile phones for taking snaps, not everyone has forgotten the good old method for taking pictures, i.e. by using a camera that doesn’t come built into a phone. Whether you love taking pictures using a mobile device or like to carry around your pocket camera or a larger DSLR, you can use the Free Photography Camera PowerPoint Template to present your ideas or make a slideshow.

Photography & Media Themed PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is all about cameras and photography, which makes it perfect for presentations related to photography, media, modeling, glamour, etc.

photography camera powerpoint template

Filmstrip & Camera Slide Designs

The presentation template contains five sample slides, each sporting a camera with a filmstrip like brown shade. The title slide presents the filmstrip like placeholder in the middle of the slide, whereas other slides come with the strip located at the top or the left side of the slide

Pick a Layout of your Choice

You can switch around the various types of layouts via the Layouts menu. This menu can also help you pick and choose slides with different designs. For example, different layouts depict the filmstrip in different locations. You can also tweak the existing layouts by adding placeholders, diagrams, images and charts.

There is also an editable chart slide, where you can add your own data to populate the chart. This should also give you an example about how you can easily incorporate charts, diagrams and SmartArt to design your slides.

The Photography Camera PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template that you can download from You will need to use one of the social icons located at the bottom of the download page to activate the download link for the free PowerPoint template.

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