Free OODA Loop PowerPoint Presentation Template & Diagram

OODA Loop is very popular in Command & Control theory. In this simple model of command and control process, aka as OODA Loop, OODA is an acronym for observation-orientation-decision-action, which describes the basic sequence of the command and control process.

If you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation where you need to show an OODA loop then you can use the circular or cycle diagram templates for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.  OODA Loop is a concept originally applied to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations. Nowadays, OODA Loop is also applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes, in business it can support strategy development or product development phases, and this concept was originally coined to military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd. Also, some presentations by Steve Blank have used OODA to explain how to create Lean Startups.

Command and control is widely adopted theory in military organizations and it relates to the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commanding officer over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission. The qualities of commanders and their ideas are more important to a general theory of command and control than are the technical and architectural qualities of their computers and communications systems. The term command and control may also refer to command and control systems within a military system.

To create such diagram OODA Loop you can use the free 4-step chevron PowerPoint template that also includes a 3-step Chevron PowerPoint template in the same PPT presentation.


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You can free download OODA Loop PowerPoint Presentation Template & Diagram.

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