Free Hashtag PowerPoint Template with Solid Background

Either if you are preparing social network presentations or just want to make an awesome PowerPoint presentation that looks modern, then you can download this free hash tag PowerPoint template and slide design. This is a simple PPT template with centered text in the slide design and custom layouts containing differerent background colors (solid colors) and a nice text alignment.

free hashtag powerpoint template

Hashtag PowerPoint Template (999 downloads )

Alternatively you can download the free widescreen template with the same design but prepared for 16:9 resolution.

example of slide design from hashtag powerpoint template widescreen

Hashtag PowerPoint Template Widescreen (680 downloads )

How to change the hashtag background layout

To change the layout background and color, you just need to switch to another layout. Right click over the slide thumbnail and then choose Layout to pick the desired background color and layout style.

Example how to change the PowerPoint layout in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

You can learn more on how to change the PowerPoint layout to get the audience attention here. Finally, here are the file templates ready for download.

Hashtag PowerPoint Template (999 downloads ) Hashtag PowerPoint Template Widescreen (680 downloads )

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