Free Animated Dotted Line Template For PowerPoint 2013

Some presentations tend to be long and boring, with slides and slides full of text, graphs and tables. With this, you can find your audience drifting off, their attention being caught by other things. The best way to go about this is to give your presentations some flair and balance text with images and, even better, create animations. The Free Animated Dotted Line Template for PowerPoint 2013 is one of the many free animated PowerPoint Templates that would lend creativity and life into every presentation.


This Animated Template for PowerPoint 2013 can be used for many types of presentations, including business plans, project proposals, expense reports, project management schedule and plans, employee manuals, and so much more. The template is designed professionally, with a clean, simple and inviting look. While this animated PowerPoint template has been provided by Microsoft, there are also many third-party sources which offer similar content. For example, you can download Animated PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media for creating eye-catching and visually appealing animated presentations in PowerPoint.


The background color of this template is black, which can be edited to match the theme or design of your slide or whole presentation. You can also change the text in the template and write a short phrase or a title for your slide. The template is easy to use so any PowerPoint user can easily incorporate it into their slides or use the template itself for making a complete presentation.

To download the Free Animated Dotted Line Template for PowerPoint 2013, just go to

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