Family Monthly Budget Template For Excel

Families and households, not just businesses, can also benefit by having a monthly budget. In essence, having a budget lets you monitor your expenses so you do not overspend and that you make sure you spend only on things you need and find necessary. Having a budget also helps you save money by not spending too much on things that you do not need.


Microsoft Office, aside from business budget and financial templates also has templates for families and households. One such template is the Family Monthly Budget Template for Excel. This free-to-use template allows heads of families to track monthly income and expenses for the household. Having a template lets you see projected and annual amounts and see how much you have spent and saved.

Excel Template Features

The Family Monthly Budget Template for Excel is professionally designed to comprehensively record and calculate a household’s income and expenditures. It contains a Balance Summary which shows the Projected Balance, Actual Balance and Difference. It also contains Totals: Total Projected Cost, Total Actual Cost and Total Difference. With this data, you can see how much you have spent in a month, or if you have spent within the budget, or within your monthly income.

The monthly budget template also contains a separate table template for income and expenditures within the same sheet. This way, you can view your projected and actual incomes, and see how much your total monthly income is among your many sources of revenue.

Excel Template Features

The expenditures table, on the other hand, has a table slicer that is supported in Excel 2013 or later. The expenditures are classified according to categories and more specific sub-categories. It also contains actual and projected amounts. This data are designed so that information can be easily sorted or featured for convenient viewing and analysis. The total is auto-populated at the end of the table.

Customization Features

The whole template can be modified to fit your family or household’s needs, income and expenditures. You can add more sources of income and customize other expenditure categories and subcategories. The formula in this free Family Monthly Budget Template for Excel is fixed and is designed so make entering data easy and convenient for households.

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