Elevator Speech Template For Delivering A Short Sales Pitch

Last updated on May 27th, 2022

Elevator speeches, or elevator pitch, is a short speech that allows you to convey what you or your company is all about and what your goals are. It is usually delivered within a span of 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the usual time spent in an elevator ride. The goal of an elevator speech is to generate enough interest for you to lengthen the conversation, schedule a meeting, submit a proposal, or even just a chance to give your business card, once the “elevator ride” is over. 

Create Memorable and Persuasive Short Speeches

Short But Powerful

Most people may not be aware how elevator speeches work, or how they can be powerful tools not only in business but in personal relations. The Elevator Speech Template for Delivering a Short Sales Pitch is a Word Online Template that you can use to deliver memorable, compelling, and persuasive elevator pitches to any audience.

Since this Elevator Speech Template is in Word Online, you can open and edit it anytime, anywhere you are. Simply open any browser on your mobile device and access the template through your Microsoft account. You can also opt to save it in your own computer and modify it from there.

Get Tips on How to Write Short and Quick Sales Pitches

Grab Every Opportunity To Pitch

The Word Online Template features a set of Elevator Speeches that are 12 seconds, 30 seconds, and 3 minutes long. They are divided this way to provide you options on how long or short you need your pitch to be depending on the circumstances. It pays to memorize these speeches to help you make the most of any opportunity to highlight your product or services; or in the case of getting a job or internship, your skills and experience.

Printer Friendly Version for Giving Out to Employees or Sales Agents

There are also guides in this template to help you write your speeches in a way that contains the most information and have it arranged in a logical and persuasive manner.

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